Gluten free expo utah

Gluten free expo utah gluten

Gluten free expo utah

Introduction: What is gluten free?

Gluten free expo utah gluten

Those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease experience adverse health effects when ingesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten free foods can be difficult to find and costly, so a gluten free expo was created to provide attendees with the latest products and services available. The Utah Gluten Free Expo is scheduled for Saturday, September 29th at the Von Neuman Conference Center in Midvale. Approximately 100 exhibitors will be on hand to provide information on products and services related to gluten free living. Attendees can expect food samples, product demonstrations and interactive programs. The Utah Gluten Free Expo is designed for people of all ages and dietary needs.

The Utah Gluten Free Expo: A look at the event and what to expect

The Utah Gluten Free Expo is coming to the Salt Lake Valley this fall and it’s definitely worth checking out! This event will have gluten free food, products, and services from all over the state. You’ll be able to find everything from breads and pastries to pasta and sauces. In addition, there will be speakers and demonstrations on topics like baking with gluten free flour, living a gluten free lifestyle, and more. So whether you’re new to gluten free eating or just want to learn more about it, the Utah Gluten Free Expo is a great place to start.

The gluten free expo in Utah: What to expect

Gluten free expo utah expo

The Gluten Free Expo Utah is a great opportunity to learn about gluten free products and find the perfect fit for your dietary needs. This event offers a variety of exhibitors with different product lines, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The expo also includes food options that are gluten free, as well as lectures and workshops on all things gluten free. Attendees can expect to learn about the benefits of following a gluten free diet, tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle, and the latest products available on the market.

The Food: Plenty of gluten free options available

The Utah Gluten Free Expo is coming up soon and there are plenty of gluten free options available. From gluten free food to gluten free products, there is something for everyone at the expo. The expo runs from September 24-25 at the Salt Lake Convention Center.

The Community: Meeting other gluten free expo goers and getting advice

Gluten free expo utah food

Experience gluten free living at its best when you attend the second annual Gluten Free Expo Utah. This event, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd from 10am-2pm at the Salt Lake Convention Center (500 South State Street), will include everything from information on products and services to meet-ups with other gluten free individuals. Attendees can expect to network with others in the community, learn about upcoming events and get advice from experts.
The Gluten Free Expo Utah is sponsored by a wide range of organizations including The Celiac Disease Foundation of Utah, Clarity Health Sciences, Living Well Concepts and many more. Registration is now open and includes both general admission and VIP passes which include access to an exclusive pre-event reception hosted by author and Celiac disease advocate Dr. Travis Stork. Early bird tickets are available for $40 through December 31st.

Food sampling: Gluten free goodies on hand

A gluten free expo is coming to Utah this fall! The event will be held at the Salt Lake City Convention Center on October 20th and 21st. There will be a food sampling area with gluten free goodies on hand, as well as key information about living without gluten. This is an excellent opportunity for people who are gluten free to learn more about what they need to do in order to eat safely and successfully.

Education: Everything you need to know about gluten free living

Looking to live a gluten free lifestyle? Check out the Utah Gluten Free Expo coming your way! This expo will provide you with everything you need to know about living a gluten free lifestyle. From cooking tips to certified gluten free products, this event has it all! So what are you waiting for? Register today and join the thousands of others who have benefited from this life-changing event.

The cost of attending the expo: What to expect

The Gluten Free Expo Utah is a three-day event that will be taking place from October 12-14, 2017. This event will offer gluten free products and services from exhibitors both large and small. The expo will also have a dedicated area for gluten free food vendors, as well as educational sessions on topics such as gluten free cooking, baking, and nutrition.
When it comes to attending the Gluten Free Expo Utah, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of admission is $25 per day for adults and $12 per day for children (ages 3-12). In addition, attendees are required to bring their own lunch or dinner each day. There are also a few additional fees that must be paid in order to participate in certain educational sessions or attend special events.

Wrap up: Overall thoughts about the gluten free expo in Utah

Overall, the Gluten Free Expo in Utah was a great event. The vendors were all knowledgeable and had great products. I’m happy to say that I found many gluten free products that are perfect for me. There were plenty of gluten free foods to try and there was even a gluten free pancake breakfast! The only downside is that there wasn’t much variety in the merchandise. Overall, the Gluten Free Expo in Utah was a great event and I’m looking forward to future events.