Operation Halloween Candy: Party’s Over!

Operation Halloween Candy Party's Over!

Our family has way too much candy leftover from Halloween.  We didn’t get as many trick or treaters this year so we have bags of chocolate bars.  Plus, my kids received tons of candy that has been taunting them daily.  Is it the same scenario at your house?  Although I encourage each of us to continue teaching our children about the proper behaviors around candy, we also must consider environmental triggers.  I think candy donations to our military troops can be a great way to teach our children about community service and giving to others while also eliminating candy overconsumption in the household.  At our house, we are putting together a care package that includes our candy along with handmade cards from our children thanking the troops for how they protect our country.  Of course, we will be sure to include a message that encourages the troops to enjoy their candy in moderation so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle!  My brother served two tours in Iraq and he said that it was wonderful to get candy in the mail because it was not available where he was stationed.  Apparently, this is the case in many places soldiers are stationed in different parts of the world.  Although I am not a fan of candy (I’m a salt vs. sweet kinda gal), I understand that others like it and would appreciate having some sent over for an occasional treat.

If you want to donate your candy, here are a couple places:

Operation Gratitude
Operation Shoebox

Halloween is fun because it comes once a year and then it’s over.  So don’t let Halloween candy eating continue on and on to where the treats do a “trick” on your healthy lifestyle.  Donate your candy this year!  If you have any other great ideas on what to do with Halloween candy other than eating it all until it’s gone, I would love to hear about them.