Small dietary changes that will help you lose weight

Small dietary changes that will help you lose weight

Fasting, counting calories, strict diets, working out in the gym until exhaustion. You have been trying different methods for months weight lossand the scale continues to not move.

Don’t worry, you’ll make it. You just need to change your eating and living habits a little.

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6 tips to help you lose weight

Cut down on refined carbohydrates

One way to lose weight is to reduce your intake of sugars and starches. You can do this by switching to a keto diet or replacing carbohydrates with whole grains.

If you go keto (a low-carb diet), your body will start using stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, which means you’ll start shedding pounds.

If you decide to replace carbohydrates with whole grains, larger amounts of fiber will accumulate in the body, which will work to normalize the intestinal tract. Plus, the fiber will keep you full longer and you won’t be hungry as often.

Eat more protein, vegetables and healthy fats

Try to include a source of protein, vegetables and a source of fat in each meal.

Proteins – They are important mainly because foods rich in them not only satiate and reduce hunger, but also help maintain muscle mass when you start losing weight.

Therefore, it is important that your daily menu contains meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), fish and seafood (salmon, trout, sardines, shrimp and others) and eggs.

vegetables – As for vegetables, you can eat them whenever and however you like. All vegetables are not only nutritious, but also very useful, filling and excellent for weight loss.

The only vegetables to avoid are potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and winter squash. We say this because they contain more carbohydrates, and as we mentioned earlier, one way to tip the scales is to keep your carb intake to a minimum.

Fats – Your body needs healthy fats, no matter what diet you follow. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of fats and include them in your menu.

For example, it is useful to eat a few raw nuts a day, avocados or use olive oil when preparing a salad. You can also snack on olives and use butter or coconut oil, but be a little more careful, as butter has a higher saturated fat content.

Drink more water

Water is not only a necessary element for the proper functioning of your body, but it is one of the faithful assistants in weight loss. If you really want to speed up your metabolism, aim to drink at least a liter – a liter and a half of water a day.

Eat slowly and get up from the table before you are full

If you have a habit of eating fast and on the go, try to change it. We say this because when you eat quickly, your body can’t immediately tell whether its food is enough or not, and so you eat more food than you actually need.

So try to eat slowly, chew your food carefully and get up from the table a little before you feel completely full.

Move more

When we say physical activity, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend several hours a day in the gym or run 10 kilometers every day.

It is enough to walk more at a moderate pace, cycle, walk to work and back, and if possible do not use the elevator for two floors in the building.

Get up from your couch or office chair and move for at least 30 minutes every day, and in no time you will feel that you not only feel much more energetic and healthy, but you are also slowly losing weight.

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Don’t become a slave to the scale

Constantly looking at the scales will not do you any good, it can only burden and demotivate you. So if you decide to change your diet, leave the scale alone and don’t use it more than once a week.