Standing rib roast paula deen

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Standing rib roast paula deen

Foolproof standing rib roast paula deen

Standing rib roast paula deen

That’s bad news for energy companies, governments and people who drive cars. But what if there was a way to make money off of cheap oil?
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal (paywall), hedge fund manager Paul Singer said he is shorting the bonds of energy companies that are tied to the price of oil. He says investors should do the same with shares in these companies—that is, bet anst them by selling shares they don’t own yet while paying a fee in hopes they will lose value once investors buy them back. Bonds pay interest on their value; if the value falls significantly because investors ide it won’t get back, that would create a loss for those who bought it from them at high prices earlier in their investment cycle (like when oil prices were high). This strategy is called “shorting.” To profit from its success, you have to get your hands on some bonds or shares before you sell them to someone else; then wait until an investor buys up your holdings at lower prices later on and sells them an.
Singer told The Journal he thinks that “the consensus has been wrong about where we are,” pointing out that even though many ysts thought Saudi Arabia wouldn’t cut production as deeply as it did last fall, Saudi Arabia did exactly what ysts expected: It cut production so low that now its economy is hurting far more than anyone realized at first. He.


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