The right combination of weight loss foods

The right combination of weight loss foods

The right combination of weight loss foods between meals is a common practice that is supposed to be associated with various health benefits.

Some versions, including the Ayurvedic practice of combining foods, provide strict rules and regulations as to which foods should be consumed together and which should be avoided.

Some food combination options are also flexible, easy to track, and can even be supported by science.

This article will examine in more detail the concept of combining foods, whether it works for weight loss and whether it offers any health benefits.

What is the right combination of weight loss foods?

Food combination is a concept based on the idea that eating certain foods together can bring certain health benefits, such as increased weight loss or improved digestive health.

Proponents of food combinations argue that the specific nutrients found in different foods can be supplemented. It is also believed to facilitate digestion and help prevent overeating, which can lead to weight loss in some people.

There are several versions of this diet, some of which involve a complex set of rules and are not supported by any real evidence.

Some types of diets that combine foods, for example, recommend that you never eat carbohydrates and protein in the same diet, eat certain types of fruit only on an empty stomach, or avoid drinking water between meals.

Others advise that foods be divided into categories such as animal protein, starch, fresh fruits and nuts or seeds, and stick to only one category in one meal.

Although there are no studies to support these claims, some other types of dietary combinations may actually be beneficial in weight loss and many other aspects of health.

Does it help with weight loss?

Although no studies are available to support some methods of combining foods – such as avoiding fruit on an empty stomach or keeping one type of food – other options may be helpful.

In particular, combining foods high in protein and healthy fats with foods high in carbohydrates can help stabilize blood sugar to prevent spikes and breaks in blood sugar levels after a meal. (1) (2)

In addition to causing symptoms such as dizziness, low blood sugar can also increase hunger. (3)

By regulating blood sugar and regulating hunger levels, combining macronutrients, including protein, fat, and carbohydrates, can help you consume fewer calories in general during a meal, which can help control weight.

Studies show that a high-protein diet can increase weight loss and alter levels of specific hormones that cause hunger and appetite. (4) (5)

In addition, fats slow down gastric emptying, which can help promote a feeling of satiety during meals. (6)

For this reason, eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods as part of a well-designed, healthy diet is a great approach to help with weight loss.

Other benefits of combining foods

In addition to losing weight and helping control your blood sugar, combining foods rich in protein, fat, and carbohydrates in each of your meals can offer other benefits.

For starters, this can make it much easier to meet your nutritional needs by following a varied diet in which each food group is represented.

It is also a much more sustainable diet than popular weight loss diets, many of which eliminate certain foods or completely eliminate entire food groups. (7)

In addition, to maintain heart health and prevent chronic diseases, it is advisable to follow a well-designed diet that includes pure protein, rich in fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats. (8) (9) (10)

In addition, a healthy diet can not only maintain healthy blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, but can also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the long term (11).

Although more research is needed on the possible effects of combining certain foods, it is clear that combining a balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity is beneficial for many aspects of health.

Examples of the correct food combination

Combining high-protein, high-fiber foods with high-fiber carbohydrates is a great way to stabilize blood sugar levels, promote satiety, and support sustainable weight loss if that’s your goal.

Here are some examples of food combinations to help you get started:

  • wholemeal bread with fried egg and avocado
  • roasted salmon with brown rice and broccoli
  • omelette with vegetables and cheese, plus fruit, hash brownie or English muffin
  • sandwich with turkey, spinach, tomatoes and guacamole
  • oatmeal made from milk or soy milk mixed with walnuts and strawberries
  • wholemeal toast with cream cheese and scrambled egg
  • fresh fruit with yogurt and chia seeds
  • feta cheese, chicken and vegetables

Mix and combine the other ingredients in the above examples to suit your taste, but make sure all the macronutrients are present on your plate – including protein, fat and carbohydrates – to see the maximum benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to combine food?
Combining protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats with every meal is a great approach to sustainable weight loss. These nutrients increase the feeling of satiety and stabilize blood sugar levels to help you achieve or maintain a moderate weight.

Try some of the combinations listed above or get creative and experiment with your favorite foods to find out what works for you.

Can certain foods (or combinations of foods) help burn fat?

Many foods contain nutrients that can temporarily increase your metabolism, which is an important mechanism for weight loss. However, keep in mind that the only effective and sustainable way to lose body fat is to consume fewer calories each day than you consume. (13)

Do certain foods speed up your metabolism?
Protein-rich foods require more energy to digest and can temporarily increase the number of calories consumed. In addition, research shows that many other ingredients – such as hot peppers or coffee – can slightly increase your metabolism. (12) (13)

However, keep in mind that the effect of these foods is minimal and lasts only temporarily.

For this reason, it is best to include these foods in a well-designed diet and combine them with strength training and increased protein intake, which can help increase muscle mass to increase resting metabolism. (14) (15) (16)


The combination of foods is based on the idea that the specific nutrients found in certain foods can complement and provide health benefits or help with weight loss.

While some options for combining foods are not based on any scientific evidence, combining carbohydrates with healthy fats and a good source of protein is a strategy for combining foods that can be beneficial.

In addition to improving your blood sugar control, incorporating all three macronutrients into each of your meals can help meet your nutritional needs. It can also help with long-term, sustainable weight loss, especially in combination with regular physical activity.