When Should Babies Start Using Pacifiers

For smooth nursing, the pacifier is necessary for every newborn baby; if not even hungry they want to keep something in his mouth such as his fingers as the baby still wants to suckle. Listed below are some of the things that you must consider before buying the best pacifiers for breastfeeding baby

When Should Babies Start Using Pacifiers

Size of the pacifiers

The pacifier for the newborn baby in the market is available in different sizes which highly depend on the age of your baby. If the size of the pacifier is not suitable for your baby then it definitely will not go to suit them and it may have even cause hazards. Your baby is of 6 months then the size of the pacifier must be small. If you have your baby between the age 6 to 18 months then you must choose a pacifier which is in medium size and if your baby is more than 18 months than the large pacifier will be suitable for him to suckle. The size of the pacifier depends on the shape of the nipple and the material used in it. Also, the shape of the shield plays an important role in the size of the pacifier.

The material of the pacifiers

The pacifier for breastfeeding baby is considered best if it is made up of the material which is of high quality. Most of the pacifier available in the market is made up of silicone and latex. If it is mentioned in the package, then only you must wash it in the dishwasher whereas the nipple made up of silicone is safe for the dishwasher. The pacifier made up of such strong material is sturdier and also it does not retain odors. The material latex used is softer and has more flexibility when used.

Types of pacifiers

There are various types of pacifiers available in the market for your breastfeeding baby. Some of them are:

#1 Basic pacifier

It is also known as the three-piece pacifier which is made up of the material of either silicone or latex and there are many nipples available in different colors and sizes.

#2 One-piece pacifier

This type of pacifier is available in different materials including silicone, latex, rubber and even plastic which reduces the risk of the choking and therefore they cannot be break into pieces. They are available in the market in different colors and shapes.

#3 Stuffed animals pacifier

This type of pacifier is quite cute as it consists of a push doll attached to the end of it making your baby happy to see it and they can also hold it very easily. It is easy to wash them in the machine and you can dry them in air.

Comfortable shape

The pacifier for breastfeeding baby is available in the market only in two shapes as such standard round pacifiers and the orthodontic shape. The orthodontic shape which has the top in round shape and bottom in a flat shape. Although both the shape of the pacifiers are meant to be the best to use and are safe for your babies it highly depends on the choice preferred to your baby and sees how comfortable he is in which shape. The comfortable shape must be kept in mind before buying the best pacifiers for your little baby.


The pacifier for breastfeeding baby you are planning to buy must be free to use for your baby and you must also take care of the hygiene. There are many pacifiers available in the markets that are free from BPA which is mentioned on the package itself. Even the pacifier made up of the material like silicone or the latex does not have the BPA, thus it is highly recommended to be used for your baby as it is safe. Since 1999, it is declared that for your little baby, the pacifier which is free from the BPA is safe for your baby to use.

Easy to clean

Before letting your kid reuse the pacifier to suckle in their mouth, you must wash them and clean them so that they are free from any bacteria and thus becomes safe for your baby to use it. You must sterile it to use it even if it falls on the floor or if your baby is sleeping with it in his mouth. If the package mentions that you can wash it in the dishwasher which is a very easy task for you, then you must take advantage of such opportunity and the silicone material in the pacifier has been designed in such a way that you can wash it in the dishwasher itself.

Affordable to buy

In addition to considering for the shape and size of the pacifier, you must also look for the budget that you can afford to buy the pacifier for breastfeeding baby. Because you only give comfort to your baby if your budget is comforting you and to save money you can buy the pacifier in number when you get to understand which type of pacifier your baby likes the most. S the money speaks, you must buy the pacifier in the cost that you can actually afford and store them in different areas.


We highly hope, with this article you will be able to understand that when should you let your babies using the pacifiers and allow them to be thumbsucker to feed themselves and also comfort themselves. When your baby gets 3 to 4 years in age, they got a very strong feeling to suckle their fingers or anything they want to put in their mind. Even if you are changing their sleeping position or change their rocking session you can get your babies to peacefully sleep and is also help you in getting your baby calm. So, you can buy the best pacifiers for breastfeeding baby.

When to use diaper cream for newborn baby

Every parent has to understand and remember that the soft and smooth skin of their baby is prone to irritation and other problems such as rashes. If they are worried about the diaper rash problem of their baby and searching for the top brands of diaper creams for newborn, then they can get a list of top brands of diaper cream products. They can spend enough time to find out and buy the best diaper rash cream for sensitive skin at this time. They get the absolute guidance when they read honest reviews of successful brands of diaper creams.


Prefer and use the best-in-class nature of diaper creams

Every baby with a requirement to wear a diaper 24/7 is regularly exposed to bacteria-breeding moisture as well as excrement. If you notice any sign or symptom of the diaper rash in your baby, then you have to focus on the latest collection of high-quality yet affordable diaper creams made of a good combination of safe and active ingredients. Parents have to be conscious about how they compare and narrow down a huge collection of diaper creams. They can take note of the attractive things associated with top brands of diaper creams and choose one of these products.

As a beginner to the diaper cream, you have to know about the main purpose of this cream at first. Prevention of the diaper rash in the baby is one of the most important benefits of using the diaper cream. An outstanding quality of the diaper cream forms a good barrier between the soft and smooth skin of the baby and also potential irritants like chemicals in the diaper, excrement, moisture and acids from foods.

A high-quality diaper cream is used to heal an outbreak. This is because this cream has essential ingredients used to soothe and moisture the skin. This product provides a moisture barrier to let the skin to heal devoid of any further irritation. This product is suggested to kill yeast and heal yeast based rashes.


Choose and buy the best diaper cream

Every parent has to be aware of the best diaper rash cream for sensitive skin and the suitable method to use this cream. They can read honest reviews of top brands of diaper rash creams one after another and listen to testimonials from parents who use these creams to heal their baby’s diaper rash. Products associated with the diaper rash treatments are available in different forms like creams, pastes and ointments. A cream is a water-based product which can be easily absorbed by the baby’s smooth and soft skin. This product is designed for soothing the irritated skin as it easily spreads on the affected area.

Apply the diaper cream on time

The frequency for applying the diaper cream is based on the personal preference. Many parents apply the diaper cream on a regular basis as they use this cream as a good preventative measure against the diaper rash problem in their baby. However, some parents use the diaper cream when their child is showing any sign of skin irritation. This is worthwhile to apply the diaper cream in the following situations.

  • When your baby shows signs of irritation or redness
  • When your baby has a rash
  • When your baby has diarrhea and to prevent the irritation from the stool
  • When your baby is pooping black tar poop to keep it from sticking to the skin of the baby
  • When your baby is teething and taking antibiotics as his or her stool may be looser
  • When your baby has sensitive skin and get rash often
  • When your baby is sleeping for long stretches as the overnight is an ideal time for the skin to get ever-increasing exposure to the excrement and moisture

All beginners to the diaper cream collection on online search for the best and easy-to-follow guidelines about where and how to use the diaper cream. They have to understand and keep in mind that the diaper cream can be directly applied to the cheeks of the buttocks of the baby. This is because the main source of the diaper rash is an area between the buttocks’ cheeks and around the anus.